Why the Narrative?

You are beginning to set up your house long after the party is over and the cake has been cut. Your wedding presents are unwrapped adorning every nook and cranny of your new life together. Photographs will fill frames and soon become christmas cards. These photographs will remain long after your children have grown up and I am passionate about you loving your photographs and finding the photographer that fits you;  who you are as a person, a couple, and a family.

For me, photography is storytelling and the wedding is the beginning of one of the greatest narratives that you will ever write. It isn’t just parts of the day that should be remembered, it is the whole day involving the people and places that are a part of your life.  Those that molded you, influenced your decisons, and helped you get to this day. They are the reason that you know how to brush your teeth, tie a tie and bake a cake.  They have helped you become who you are today. You want to remember them. I want to remember them.

It begins with the early morning coffee or mimosa, sitting around with your favorites while the wedding preparations begin. The music blaring, laughter filling the room as the rollers are placed in your hair all the way to the sweet embraces and kisses that accompany the  newly Mr. & Mrs. on the dance floor.

Love is a mystery to me and I stand in awe of it. I am often awestruck as I get to participate in one of the most beautiful mysteries of love  that brings a man and a woman to vow and promise until death bid you part. I love it. You will often find me crying as your husband realizes that he gets to keep you right before your dad hands you over. It is Man, Woman, Love and the Day that you two become one. It is your wedding.

When it comes to choosing your photographer, I want the decision to be easy for you. I want you to know and want your narrative known and told by me.

I am a storyteller and the wedding narrative is a cohesive story filled with epic heights and the depths of unconditional commitment.  The crying and the laughing. The loving and the kissing. It is real, authentic and honest. It makes much of the ordinary, making the normal art. Your life, it tells a story and it is beautiful. Your wedding isn’t just about that day but it is in the days leading up to it. The early sketches of the beginning of your love when He first picked you and you were stumbling over your words. I want to hear that. I want to know it so I can I can share it with the world through photographs. I promise you will feel as if we were the oldest of friends by the end of your wedding.

I love Love and emphasize emotion in my photographs. It is important for me that each photograph has a feeling. I want you to be able to hear the chatter, or the table being set, or feel the party on the dance floor. I want you to know that I will be there to bring that about as well as influence and impact the feelings and emotions present at your wedding. Your story being told is important to me. I value you looking back and remembering and all the pleasure that you initially felt flooding in again. I am passionate about it.

Let us get back to the beginning. Man, Woman, Love, Marriage. 

What does all this look like?

First, make the decision that this is you and what you want. “I want Kristin Shyla to tell our story”

I jump up and down and give whoever is closest to me a hug.

We meet just the three of us and we we chat

you tell me of your love.

I fall in love with you falling in love

we plan an engagement session that fits you. One that includes your loves and some of your firsts. It is You and no one can be that.

I tell you that a percentage of your narrative collection goes to helping bring an orphan home. It is called Echo

You get excited seeing that the beginnings of your wedding narrative is a similar picture to the narrative of adoption and want to Echo.

I tell the beginnings of your love story on my blog.

We organize the wedding day timeline.

Your wedding day arrives. I arrive.

I cull (pick), edit, cry, fall in love, write and tell your story on my blog

you receive your incredible wedding images and your album.

you look through your albums 100 times remembering different moments about that day each time.

then we stay pals, having shared great memories together. After all it is only the beginning.

When our Orphan comes home you get reminded that you were a part of that and it feels right to live for something greater than yourself

Are you ready?  Let’s chat!

It is authentic. It is life. It is the Narrative. It is your Narrative & I want to know it.

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