Zach & Kristen Married

“Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three!” – Belle So that is

David & Anna

As you gave the ring to one another and have now received it a second time from the hand of the pastor, so love

Matthew & Brittany. Married

Matthew and Brittany wrote their own wedding vows and her word to him were “For the first time I am able to look

Tommy & Care

Sola Coffee is where it all began. Working shifts together, pouring coffee, wiping down tables and sharing

Worth & Felicia

This is a type of cinderella story. Except there isn’t a pumpkin turing into a carriage, friendly mice, wicked

Brandon & Caitie

“I have this friend that I think you should meet.  Want to join us tonight we are hanging out?” Caitie

Tyler & Anna

Love that is seeded in the Lord produces a patient eagerness to become one. Their family and friends gathered before

Al & Leigh

A gym romance. Well this is the sort of story between these two. It all began while sweating it out in cycling

Josh & Abby

You seemed out of reach for so long but now in my arms is where you will be. After 2 years of knowing you I realized

Richard & Lindsey

A new years eve, surrounded by a fire’s glow; two kindreds found themselves standing there..not knowing the other

Matt & Bethany

I look around and I am filled with wonder that we are standing here getting ready to become husband and wife. Waiting;

Jerry & Brooke

It is my desire on this day to be good to you. In whatever need that may be.  At times, we may disagree and that is why

Ziggy & Julie

With pen to paper, even then, I sat unwavered.  What began as the confession of a middleschoolers heart making

Jeremy & Erin

What is being written, etched in eternity’s cosmos, I couldn’t have imagined it…nor could I have

Sam & Lauren

The preparation began.  The days culminated into one. The weight of forever is resting upon our chests causing our

Edward & Natallie

I can’t help but notice her. Passing by you… asking myself should I say Hi? I smile, nervously and nod. Hi.

Jobal & Laura

My arms wrapped around yours, tell me that you are mine. I will forever chase you and sing you songs with every morning

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