Family Narratives

The Rieslands

It was a cold morning and as the sun got higher warmth began to blanket the houses on East Dr. As the door opened I

The Isaacson Family. A Reunion.

It’s the afternoon. I sit with wonder while watching my daughter play. She shuffles through her books speaking

The Muses

We begin to hear with our eyes as we watch our family grow. Taking in these moments without giving thought to what

The Bells

I love these floors with you, these doors with you and everything in between. Life with you is never the same. Our

The Williams

Beginnings. They have a ring to them. An excitement. A joy. A buzz. This one, this one comes with a bit of tired and

Fall Gatherings. Pumpkin Carving

I walked up the doorstep, rang the door bell and Owen greeted me. “Ms. Christmas is here…” and I was.

The Dantzlers

You all will grow up and even now are growing so fast. Changes are taking place, you are forming complete sentences,

The Petersens. Family

The winter that seems to never end combs through North Carolina. The morning frost kissing the window pane while snow

Sing Loud. Ari, Lara & Grace

Our lives imperfect. Our need very great. God in his initiating love gives and he gives gently bringing both of us to

The Sarazens

Paul loves Amy. He kindly declines eating desserts during the day because he love sharing all things sweet with Amy. He

The Vicks

Our life, we, we once at one time separately were broken and now, now we are mended. Married. Together. Living life

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