Beloved +

Colt + Vivian. Beloved +

Dear Baby Girl Scarlett, We have been waiting anxiously for you.  We are prepared and getting prepared for your

Josh & Val. Beloved +

We have said our vows, promises to keep. In plenty and in wanting by your side I will be. Your hand in mine we are

Daniel & Jenny

Jenny jotted down in response to a question that I posed: Why did you fall in love in the first place? she

Nate & Kate

Nate and Kate. They rhyme. They are synced.  Spending time with Kate and Nate, it was obvious that they are constantly

Gray & Aimee

She laughs and smiles like me.  She is tall and I am short. Growing up we used to turn the pages of the Sears catalog

Ben & Veronique

Veronique is a mother of three. Her everyday consists of cloth diapers, meal planning, coupon clipping, kids crying,

David & Kim

Steps in the hall. I think that I will take them all with you. This girl, what was I to do when I saw and knew. I

Wade & Ashley

We sat across from each other at a bakery after our morning photo session exchanging stories of  life and how we all

Daniel & Shelly. Bundle Up.

Some of you may know my friend Casey. She is who I am traveling to the Congo with. She is in an amazing process of

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