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Hello love.

I am happy that you are here wanting to learn a little about me. So much of me has changed… aren’t we constantly changing?!! I got married!! I have been photographing so many loves stories and looking into the mystery of love that others experience and I am happy to say that I am finally getting to live my own! What a gift. Jerrard is an answer to prayer. I spent many years praying and waiting for the Lord to provide. Sometimes I felt as if I was wandering in the wilderness while I waited. I wondered if God would have marriage and family for me…and He did. It was in his time and He had to do a good work in me to prepare me for the story that He was writing. We met Feb 1oth 2014 and were married by Nov 28th 2014 {same year} I love the Lord, and I love stories of redemption. I love how God takes the broken and makes them whole. He turns our switchbacks into straight paths. That is what He did with JT & I and it’s only the beginning of what He is doing. I love one for one and adoption! I  feel alive when I am with kids and want a house full of them. My husband and I consider ourselves to be kids ourselves.

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I love traveling. I have had the privilege of traveling all over and making photographs along the way. What I loved the most about it was spending time in babies homes and orphanages. The cause of the orphan is close to my heart and I want to fight to educate others and help support them as well as one day adopt my own little african. My heart is in Jinja. I went there last year and I dream of it often. A portion of every narrative collection goes towards adoption and orphan care, it’s called Echo. You can read it about it here.

Having kids, is something that I always wanted…well I have two now! When I married JT I got 2 kids with him. He has 2 daughters who are beyond awesome. We are figuring out how to do this and we need a lot of grace and a whole lot of Jesus. I had no idea that God would make me a wife and mother at the same time. It wasn’t my pan but it was His. It was something that God undoubtly did. JT swept me off my feet and our whole church witnessed it. The Lord had to prepare me for the story that He was writing and was going to write for me. Sometimes God calls us to step out and take big risks in our relationships with him and trust Him that He is at work for our good. We don’t always understand and may have questions but He asks us to just walk with Him and trust… even in the mess and shadows. Isn’t that faith?! We are walking. Jerrard and Kristin Wedding PRINT-362

I love cozy blankets, warm beverages and this lemon cake from Nantucket. It is to die for and after you have it once you will think about it! I love cooking, creating in the kitchen with my husband and doing just about anything with my husband. We love gourmet cooking and dinning. I have become quite the board game lover, my husband can make a game out of anything, on the weekends when we are in Ohio you can find us with our girls playing some crazy games that we made up or nestled up over top of apples to apples.

I love the ocean, being near it, hearing it and swimming in it. The water fires me up. I love working to music that I can ignore yet inspires me, when I write it’s the civil wars. I love having nice things and using great shampoo. I love reading and being outside while enjoying a tasty beverage. I am also a huge huge lover of fruit and chips… I know what a contrast!

I love making much of the ordinary and photographing life as it happens. There is so much beauty in the mundane and in the routines of things that we are so busy living that we fail to stop and see. I want to see and that is what I want to photograph. I am a story teller. I speak in paragraphs, ask my hubs! I can’t seem to give one word answers easily. I love all kinds of stories. There are stories waiting to be told everywhere.

I love love and the beauty bound in lives lived and being joined together as one. Marriage is the beginning of one of the greatest narratives that you will ever write. You are beautiful and unique and are in the midst of a grand narrative whether you realize it or not. I am too. I hope we are able to stop and listen.

Here are a little of my loves….


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