About Echo

Why Echo?

If you stand alone and yell as loud as possible you can hear your voice resounding over and over. Echo… hear it? I want to Echo, and I want to spread from the ends of the earth. I am Echoing for Orphans. I want you to Echo with me. Adoption is a beautiful narrative,  just like your wedding.

Can you hear it? I want to live for something greater than myself. To love and lay down my life for others. I want to fight for the rights of the poor and seek justice for the fatherless. For the Orphan. Can you hear it?  The fatherless, the abandoned, the ones that have no name, no home, no favorite, no blanket, no hugs, kisses or promise of a bed time routine. I want to love others until it hurts and seek to rescue those that are without. Those that don’t have an opportunity for their story to be known. I want to rescue them and I sometimes have high hopes of changing the world but I can’t alone and that is where you come in.

Your wedding is the beginning of one of the greatest narratives that you will ever write.  The wedding narrative is much like the narrative of adoption. Both necessitate a choosing as well as a vow and promise. Both ask that you give and give of yourself in a measure that you aren’t even aware that you are capable of.  What a picture.  On your wedding day and in the days prior all of your favorites are beginning to gather and will be in one place. They are all there. They are waiting for you. 

Let your wedding be about something greater. Let it go beyond today and the vows you make and let it spill over into the life of an orphan who is waiting to be known, to be chosen, and to receive the promise. The beauty of  KSP narratives is that you get to imitate the same love, the same giving of yourself, the same vow and promise by giving to help bring Orphans home. Echo is that. A portion of all narrative collections go to help bring a child home and into the arms of their parents. Just like the beginnings of promise on your wedding day.  Let it be the day that you echo, echo for Orphans. Let it be the beginning of you responding to give a kid an opportunity to have their story known. That is what being a KSP bride and groom is. It is the beginning of your Echo. Your response is easy, simply let me tell your story so you can help tell an orphans story.

Can you hear it? Echo. It goes on and on an on and on.


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