Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday came and went and I have to say that it was pretty amazing. I felt so special…even while I vacuumed the floors. My husband spoiled me with flowers, a fresh bouquet and some fresh stems to arrange and put around the house. He knows I enjoy doing things like that…and he also treated with me 2 bottles of wine (this was the night before my birthday!) As I lay my head down to sleep on my birthday’s eve I felt so blessed and very thankful and satisfied…My birthday hadn’t even arrived and I had been given so much.

Feb 3, 2018 we rise at 5:30am to enjoy the morning, french press coffee, chatting and some reading before the kids rise. This time is so treasured and was present enough. The sound of tiny feet filled the living room and soon Apphia was ringing the bfast bell, so JT makes these incredible egg sandwiches. They are gourmet. I didn’t have to do anything except shove it in my mouth and well that deserved a round of applause. Our littles are battling a cold and low grade fevers but that didn’t taint their little spirits (this day 😉 Afterwards JT disapears and when he returns he has two wrapped boxes and I couldn’t believe it. I mean I had already received so many gifts I was about to explode and then these boxes?! My daughters helped me to tear into the packages to find all the tools that I would need to begin painting!! I think I may have jumped up and down. I have been wanting to paint like for e v e r! Before I was married and thought I didn’t have any time (LIE!) I would take an evening, listen to worship music and paint a picture I found in a magazine or on a starbucks sleve. I missed that so much. So now I am going for an abstract look. It’s a work in progress.

Later on my husband baked his first cake…in his whole life…and it turned out amazing. Between the cake baking we were chatting in the kitchen and he mentioned “I don’t know how you do this all the time. I get one meal done, clean up, then it’s time for prep for the next meal…and you do this 3xs a day?!!” I just laughed and thought, wow God thank you!! I feel so appreciated! I think that was one of the best gifts that I could’ve received. Later after the kids were in bed we enjoyed the second bottle of wine and JT made us sushi. It was wonderful.

38, I’ve got this feeling that we are going to get along just fine.






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